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Cargo 150

Product sheet

Code: A1500012
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 570x790x690h
Int. Dimensions (mm): 430x650x530h
Capacity: 148 l
Weight: 24.5 kg
Packing: 1


Code: A1509022
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 570x790x690h
Int. Dimensions (mm): 430x650x530h
Capacity: 148 l
Weight: 25 kg
Packing: 1


    • Excellent load capacity, indicated for transporting large quantities.
    • Great flexibility: using the bracket and runners system, it is possible to transport GN pans, EN trays, pastry sheets and containers 600 x 400 mm.
    • Designed for use with the “Active Door” integration system, to indefinitely extend temperature retention for hot foods.
    • Designed for use with eutectic plates, to extend the transport time of hot, chilled and frozen food.
    • Easily stacked and transferred, thanks to the dedicated trolleys, available in polyethylene, zinc coated steel and stainless steel.
    • It assures proper heat retention, limiting the risk of bacterial proliferation whilst preserving food quality and organoleptic characteristics.
    • The isothermal characteristics comply with current regulations (EC Reg. 852/2004 –HACCP-) and with applicable technical standards (EN12571 and Accord AFNOR AC D40-007).
    • The container's isothermal characteristics comply with ATP (Accord Transport Perissables), the international treaty regulating the characteristics of the vehicles suitable for the road transport of perishable products.
    • Certificate of approval IN (Isotherme Normal) class available upon request.
    • It allows to properly operate in HACCP environment.
    • The materials used for the manufacturing are suitable for food contact over the whole container surface.
    • The design criteria allow correct cleaning and sanitizing (Reg. CE 852/2004 –HACCP-) including using water jets.
    • Designed to be long lasting: performance remains basically unaltered when reused.
    • Environmental impact decidedly smaller than that of disposable containers.
    • Fully recyclable at the end of the operating life.


        • Manufactured using the rotational moulding technology, allowing production of very sturdy objects without sharp edges, joints or welds, whilst assuring highly efficient temperature retention.
        • It features a practical and effective fastening system, consisting of two catches made of shockproof material and of an easily removable door gasket.
        • Equipped with integrated stainless steel handles, comfortable, safe and extremely functional.
        • Fitted with an easily removable door that opens up to 240°, facilitating washing operations.
        • Equipped with shockproof hinges, with high resistance to stresses.
        • Featuring an adjustable venting valve.
        • Insulated with CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane foam.
        • Guaranteed for use at temperatures ranging between –30° and +100°C.

        GN 1/1 and submultiples pan combinations

        Capacity of GN pans with 1 set of brackets (n° 1 ABA250) + plus runners and eutectic plate on 1st shelf
        • 5x65 (h) + 6xABA302
        • 2x65 + 2x100 (h) + 5xABA302
        • 1x65 + 2x150 (h) + 4xABA302
        • 2x100 + 1x150 (h) + 4xABA302
        • 1x65 + 1x100 + 1x200 (h) + 4xABA302
        • 3x65 + 1x150 (h) + 5xABA302
        Without eutectic plate
        • 6x65 (h) + 6xABA302
        • 1x65 + 3x100 (h) + 4xABA302
        • 1x100 + 2x150 (h) + 3xABA302
        • 2x65 + 2x100 (h) + 4xABA302
        • 2x100 + 1x200 (h) + 3xABA302
        • 1X65 + 1x150 + 1x200 (h) + 3xABA302
        • 3X65 + 1x200 (h) + 4xABA302
        • 2x200 (h) + 2xABA302

        Multitemperature transport
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        Suitable for dry ice transport
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