Insulated containers for the transport of temperature sensitive goods



Cargo containers enable the distribution of temperature sensitive goods with no interruption of the cold chain in respect of HACCP rules and with ATP certification.

Cargo Isothermal Line

Medium and high capacity roll containers for storage and transport of perishable goods

Koala Refrigerated Line

Temperature adjustment range (depending on the models):
between -20 °C and +10 °C ;
between -18 °C and +10 °C ;
between 0 °C and +10 °C.
Suitable for:
• transporting handmade ice cream from producer to point of sale
• transporting fresh or frozen fine foods (pasta, cheese, cold cuts, pastry products…) from producer to point of sale
• in vending, for restocking vending machines with snacks and ice cream
• in banqueting, for transporting fresh or frozen semi-finished products
• for supplying fresh or frozen produce to restaurants