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  1. A look to the future: an innovative range of refrigerated containers equipped with a lithium battery to transport the products at a contrelled temperature

  2. Melform launches on the market the Cargo 370 –eutectic version -. The isothermal performances can reach over 150 hours
  3. Melform expands its borders. Located on an overall area of 60.000mq,  the plants of Monastero di Savigliano presently occupy 12.000 mq
  4. The experience and advanced technology of Bonetto Group, together with investments in R & D, allow a consolidation of the know-how of the brand Melform
  5. Melform becomes a member of Bonetto Group

  6. The company offers high value solutions to an even more diversified market with the reorganization of its commercial department into four divisions

  7. The combination of cooling units and isothermal containers develops the Koala line: professional transportable refrigerators
  8. The Company
    is certified ISO9002

  9. The new Cargo Line is employed for the temperature controlled transportation for the Logistics of perishable foodstuffs
  10. ThermocartThermocart receives the highest tribute in the rotational molding field : "Product of the Year" and the "Innovative state of the art", awarded by the Association of Rotational Molders International of Chicago, USA 
  11. The new Monotherm isothermal tray is fully introduced in the Food Health and Home Care
  12. With Diamond Line polycarbonate containers, the company diversified its range of production to the Deferred Catering
  13. “Slow down time machine”. This is the slogan of Thermax isothermal containers launched on the market in this year
  14. The working process of reinforced polyester with glass fiber produce even stronger and more durable trays
  15. Officially filed
    the first MELFORM brand
  16. Production of the first laminated trays  
  17. The challenge begins with the production of plastic laminate products, specifically for the furnishing of cafés and restaurants