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Covid19 Vaccine delivery: we have the solution!

MELFORM offer to its customers professional tools to assure safe and reliable deliveries for Covid-19 vaccines, medicine and medical equipment.

Dry Ice
with its sublimation temperature of -78.5°C is the perfect cooling medium for transportation of such important but sensitive products.
We have the best and cost effective solution to manage in the proper way this emergency.

Why dry ice is the perfect cooling medium to assure a proper transportation of vaccines, medicines and sanitary..
1. Dry ice has a temperature of - 78,5 °C
2. Dry Ice is so called because the transition from solid to gas occurs without liquid phase
3. The sublimation of dry ice @ -78,5°C generate CO2 cold gas heavier than air so that the surrounding air remains cold at a steady state condition
4. Not only the intimate contact between the dry ice and the material to be cooled is exploited

Why it’s important to have proper tools to store dry ice and to transport temperature sensitive vaccines and medicines
1. The sublimation rates of dry ice increase the more the air temperature increases thus reducing its weight and volume accordingly
2. The cold CO2 gas generate iced condense when get contact with air moisture.
3. The cold gas generated by one kg of Dry Ice is of 500 liters.
4. Part of this gas has to be properly evacuated to avoid dangerous pressure increasing in a container (or underoxygenation in a confined area).
Transportation of vaccines in a safe and reliable way at such low temperatures must take in account these issues.

Which must be the properties of a container to store dry ice and vaccines @ -78.5
1. Low thermal conductivity
2. High insulation rate
3. Perfect closing with hidden, small and diffuse vent systems
4. Light and easy to fill and handle
5. Washable and sanitizable