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Code: 4605
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 195x130x210
Capacity: 1,8 l
Packing: 6

Code: 4605C
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 130x50
Packing: 6

  • Shatter-proof: maximum safety for service staff and customers.
  • Stackable, reducing storage space.
  • Equipped with lid, minimising the risk of beverage contamination from external agents.
  • Ice-control lid for holding ice inside the carafe, while serving beverages.
  • Durable and resistant, reducing replacement costs.
  • Sparkling clear, the best alternative to glass pitcher.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Modern, elegant design.
  • It allows to properly operate in HACCP environments.
  • Impervious to grease and impurities, does not retain smells.
  • The unit's design allows accurate cleaning and sanitising (EC Reg. 852/2004 –HACCP-) including using a dishwasher.
  • Available with 1.8 litre capacity.


  • Made of high quality Melform Diamond Line polycarbonate.
  • Resistant to temperatures from –40° to +120°C


  • For washing polycarbonate products it is recommended to use pH neutral detergents. Do not use detergents with a pH more than 11.
  • The use of highly alkaline detergents (pH > 11) or alcohol based detergents, chlorinated solvents, ammonia and the use of abrasive sponges could permanently damage the products.

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