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Customer care

Melform places the customer at the center of its strategy: this is why it invests huge resources in assistance and support during all the phases that precede and follow the purchase.

These are the services made available to our customers:


Thanks to years of experience in the sector and a team of qualified engineers, we design specific solutions, customized according to the customer’s needs. Throughout the design phase, the internal teams (Technical Office, Production, Purchasing e Sales) interact with the customer to find the best solution and design a product  that meets all expectations.


The Sales & Marketing Department supports the customer in identifying the product that best suits their needs, covering the role of consultant. In order to clarify the technical specifications and features of the offer, catalogs, product sheets, manuals and video tutorials are released. The customer must have all the useful information to be able to buy a product and use it to the best of its functionality.


Each order placed is taken over by the Shipping Department which evaluates the shipping method best suited to the request and suggests the best solution in terms of costs and timing.


Even in the after sale and delivery phase, Melform makes its experience available to the customer, through the support of Customer Care and the intervention of trained technicians. Moreover, thanks to a wide international assistance network, it guarantees an easy availability of spare parts.

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