MELFORM turns to large-scale distribution, vending and the medical and pharmaceutical sector to offer a wide range of insulated and refrigerated containers for the transport of goods at controlled temperatures. The offer includes the new Koala Green, battery-powered refrigerated containers and the DrIcy, specific for the handling, storage and distribution of dry ice.


Melform isothermal and refrigerated containers allow you to easily manage the distribution of perishable products without interrupting the cold chain, from the production or storage center to the end user.


Produced with rotational molding technology, MELFORM isothermal and refrigerated containers are free of edges, joints and welds and allow to operate according to HACCP protocols. Made with polyethylene suitable for food contact and insulated with CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam, they guarantee reduced heat dispersion.


With a compact and resistant design, Melform isothermal and refrigerated containers are suitable for the transport of perishable products on the road as they are ATP approved. The NF certification certifies the suitability of the containers for use in food.


Melform isothermal and refrigerated containers are made through the use of recyclable, reusable materials to create new products.