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DrIcy: vaccine delivery

DrIcy: vaccine delivery

DrIcy: vaccine delivery 400 300 MELFORM

The Dry Ice business is growing very fast.

To produce Dry Ice in a cost effective way, you all are searching for the best equipment on the market. Liquid CO2 criogenic vessel, well insulated piping, pelletizer, gas recovery systems  are very very important, but…..
All these elements are very important, but we must not forget the importance of the storage and delivery of dry ice

Due to the specific features of Dry Ice, it is compulsory to have appropriate tools to reduce the risk of weight losses, maintain a good product quality and consequently save money.

DrIcy line perfectly fulfill the specific requirements of food & pharma application.

Stainless steel of all external parts, material suitable for food contact, specific features for perfect cleaning

The new DrIcy line is a perfect tool to improve your business and to manage end to end dry ice for any application.

Are you sure to have in your plant the best insulated containers that give you reliability, safety and a good image by your valuable customers?

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Dry ice is the ideal solution for the temperature-controlled transport of perishable materials such as vaccines, biological samples, blood and plasma, drugs.
Many drugs, vaccines,blood samples and biological materials of various types need to be transported at low and constant temperatures.
The transport and storage of products with MELFORM insulated  containers guarantee the effectiveness of the product and prevent the sublimation process.


Cryogenic cleaning is a innovative cleaning method that uses dry ice (compressed CO2 in solid form) as a cleaning substance.
This process, efficient and highly respectful of the environment, saves time and is an alternative to traditional industrial cleaning methods.
Its use is also very effective in the chemical industry, where it is possible to easily clean containers, mixers and systems from residues of adhesives, resins, bitumens and other substances that are difficult, if not impossible, to remove with traditional methods.


Among the main purposes of the application of dry ice in the food industry are the thermoregulation of some processes (kneading, mixing, grinding), the maintenance of the cold chain in transport and protection, thanks to the bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties of the Anhydride Carbonic, of perishable products.
In addition to food preparation, dry ice is widely used in the transport and storage phase of processed food, whether fresh, frozen or deep-frozen.

For example, in restaurant and catering services, in air or road transport, in the shipment of fresh products sold online, by inserting pellets or dry ice cylinders together with the foods to be stored in our insulated containers.
Thanks to the use of MELFORM containers, dry ice is commonly used for the delivery  and packaging of fresh and frozen food products such as in catering services, in the fresh and frozen food industry, , online shipment of fresh products.