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The Art of Wine with DRICY Insulated Containers

The Art of Wine with DRICY Insulated Containers

The Art of Wine with DRICY Insulated Containers 416 305 MELFORM

Innovation is in our DNA. Thanks to DRICY Insulated Containers, you can ensure maximum temperature control of the grapes, improve every stage of winemaking, and obtain higher-quality wines – from the vineyard to the glass.

And that’s not all! The insulating structure of DRICY Containers keeps dry ice cold for an extended period, with sizes and capacities suitable for every need. The convenient handles make transportation a breeze, and the ease of cleaning and sanitization will pleasantly surprise you.

The Magic of Dry Ice for Excellent Quality

When it comes to producing extraordinary wine, temperature control is crucial.

With DRICY Insulated Containers, we introduce the use of dry ice to preserve the integrity of the grapes from the very moment of harvest. This advanced technology not only prevents unwanted temperature rise but also optimizes the extraction of precious scents and flavours, resulting in a wine  that will astonish your senses.

Transformation of Harvest with Dry Ice

Imagine a harvest where every phase is perfected. The use of dry ice in DRICY Insulated Containers opens the doors to incredible benefits:

  1. Flawless Transport: We maintain the grapes at the ideal temperature during the transition from the vineyard to the cellar.
  2. Vinification Kickstart: We promote an optimal start to the vinification process.
  3. Accentuated Aromas: We contribute to the optimal extraction of aromas and fragrances.
  4. Perfect Aromatic Profile: We achieve a wine with a superior aromatic profile.
  5. Thermal Must Control: We precisely manage the must’s temperature.
  6. Simplified Cleaning: We streamline equipment cleaning operations.